Wedding 101 : In the beginning…

Let me start this post with a disclaimer: I’m not offering any authoritative information with regard to wedding preparation.  I’m also a newbie in this field.

BFD and I are both Catholic.  It’s innate for us to seek blessing from the Church through the provisions set in the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony.  We acknowledge our need for Christ to be the center of our lives as we walk the high road together.

Just a brief one about the ‘decision’ – a lot of thought went into it.  I won’t even attempt to elaborate for it warrants a dedicated blog entry – a different, colorful story altogether.

Wedding Arrhae
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Going back to the wedding, we want to keep it simple – a small altar date to be witnessed by our family and closest friends.  I wanted 50 guests only, but BFD reminded me about my extended family, tightly knit, that is…So what used to be 50 is now 80. Our challenge is to put it all together without enlisting the service of a wedding coordinator at this stage of planning.

We are running it like an IT project.  We started by drafting and agreeing on ‘our wedding charter’, which includes our objective, deliverables, resources + budget, and a high-level plan of activities – all in a worksheet.  It’s easy to get swayed by glitzy stuff in wedding preparation, so we have set a common reference – our wedding charter – to keep us on track.

We initially agreed on the following: altar date, budget, and church.  Tons of work, but day-in day-out, it gets more fun working together for a major milestone.  We’re not 100% made of cheese (cheesy runners we are), as individuals, we are Type A.  We would argue once in a blue moon, but we have a way of managing our temper.  We have a higher batting average sticking to logic.

Documents are also part of our checklist, and the basic ones are:  Birth Certificate and CENOMAR (certificate of no marriage) from NSO – requested online and delivered to our doorstep for a minimal charge; Baptismal Certificate and Certificate of Confirmation from the parish office.  There’s an annotation in the newly issued Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates – ” Purpose:  Marriage”  <– It gave me ‘the happy-chill’.  Seriously.

We have started attending wedding exhibits and buying back issues of wedding magazines.  It’s more for gathering information, checking out fresh ideas, and the best deals.

We registered online for our first wedding expo.  Our entrance fees were waved and we got in hassle-free.  For our first and second wedding expo, we attended early Day 1.  It gave us ample time to checkout great deals from select suppliers while the crowd was still thin.  Why Day 1? If we are compelled to sign up on a deal from the expo, we have the luxury to think it over before we invest (or spend); meaning, we could go back to the expo the next day to seal the deal.

Wedding Expo by Themes & Motifs
08 Sept 2012 – SMX MOA

Our badge after hours at the expo. =)

As for the wedding magazines, from P200 – P300 for a new issue, a back issue is at P100 – P150/mag.  We bought four back issues from Filbars.

We are now looking into some themes and concept for the prenup photos.  Running is a given.  Filipiniana, maybe?  Vintage, rustic charm – could be?  Perhaps, you could share something lovely along this line of thought.  We’d love to hear your suggestions.  =)