No Running: WOK with BFD and Meowth

I was already in high school when Grandma taught me how to cook.  I was pressured.  Grandma said that my mother-in-law will send me back to my parents once she learns about my zero culinary skill.  I wasn’t thinking about marriage at that time.  I was afraid of the idea of failure.  Eventually, I learned basic cooking.

BFD has his fair share of culinary lesson.  What drove him to learn basic cooking: ‘survival’.  A few months ago, he found himself in a situation that gave him no choice.  If he didn’t cook, he would’ve died.  (Translation: BFD not cooking? No meals.)  I want to assure the running community that he was not lodging a protest against any human rights violation at that time, so he had no legitimate reason to go on a hunger strike.

Fast forward…

Today, BFD and I are not only preparing for our wedding.  More importantly, we are preparing for that true-to-life scenario called ‘life together’… and without hyperventilating – seriously!  One facet of daily, healthy living is to assure constant supply of nutritious food in our household.  I (sweet) talked him into a Sunday afternoon bonding in the kitchen. We agreed to prepare a pasta meal, as we are currently recovering from a full marathon.  We badly need carbs, plus a healthy dose of protein for muscle repair.  So we made our version of PENNE PASTA with SPANISH SARDINES in CHUNKY TOMATO SAUCE. 

We dropped by SM Hypermarket MOA to shop for the choicest ingredients at budget-friendly price point.  It turned out, the recipe below is good for 6 servings, about P65.00 per serving.  (Budget is another matter that we need to get used to as a couple.)

Now try these steps! 

Serving suggestion:  Serve with garlic bread or any toasted bread sprinkled with McCormick Garlic Bread Seasoning. 

Note on the recipe:  I don’t usually follow measurement of ingredients to the dot (that’s why I don’t bake).  I adjust the amount of ingredients based on the aroma, taste, and how the food actually look while I cook it. 

Wine pairing:  I’m not a wine expert.  I just have a strong preference for French wine.  For my personal consumption, if wine I must have, I would gladly reach for a glass of Chardonnay to go with this Spanish sardines pasta.  (Note to self: The last Chardonnay bottle at home was emptied two months ago.  Time to replenish.) 

As for our bonding in the kitchen, we didn’t have roses all around.  Instead, we had a few laughs, my mom and cousin approving the recipe, and a minor complaint (from me) – the ‘distribution of workload’ was not fair.  This minor complaint, I can let it go.  I just have to write about it now…well, at least, we accomplished a recipe.  We already have some assurance for a hunger-proof household.  =)

BFD and I did the grocery together.  I ended up cooking, while he prepared chilled soda and Mogu Mogu.  He had the knack for making it appear that it was a quest for the best Mogu Mogu beverage for me.  He offered to wash the dishes, too (sweet!). While he was at it, he was checking whether his new sports watch is indeed water-resistant (peg: running in the rain).  Runner nga talaga! =)