Love: Do you have an appointment with me?

We’ve only got 30-something days left in 2012.  So what happened this year?  Work is stable though not very exciting (operative word: very).  I’m not able to beat my personal record in running.  I didn’t join any badminton tournaments.  The stern warnings from the doctors got the better of me so I’m not the recreational athlete I used to be…but in the brighter side, I traveled a great deal!  The very thing which I tried to run away from was able to catch up with me big time – it’s that thing called (drum rolls) ‘true love’ (yikes!).

All the while I thought, I couldn’t sustain a serious, long-term relationship. So I just stopped trying and looked forward to happier days, basking with the virtual label ‘single, happy, (and you bet – sexy and I know it!).’  There were days wherein I was too busy to spend time meeting new people. To me, it’s a waste of time to be constantly seeing someone whom I couldn’t have an engaging and honest conversation with.  I’d rather play badminton or train for a marathon.

This year, I made some quick plans which involved a lot of traveling.  I went to my longest drive ever up north (Ilocos Region), a long haul flight (to Europe) for the love of arts and wine, and frequent local travels for work.  I wasn’t thinking about love life.  I was planning to get an ITIL certificate, not a marriage certificate.  If Cupid does exist, I think he knows better.

I was Cupid’s unsuspecting target for a while.  I was in a Friday morning meeting when I received an invitation from BFD – lunch?  I almost missed his message.  I managed to send a reply in an hour.  ‘Did you send me an invite on purpose or is it for someone else?,’  I asked him only because I wanted to be sure.  I’m not into military interrogation.

He said that the invite was really for me, and this prompted me to check my calendar for a ‘lunch appointment’.  None came up.

So I threw a follow-up question, ‘Do you have an appointment with me?’ In my head, may usapan ba kami?

He said he was just trying his luck.  Since I didn’t have any appointment for lunch, I went out to meet him in one of my favorite restaurants. We talked about running, work, blogging, and stock trading.  It was all business, nothing personal.  A bit past 1PM, I was in a hurry to leave for another meeting back in the office.  As I shook his hand in a business-like manner, I graciously thanked him for the hearty meal and good conversation.  I thought that was our first and last one-on-one meeting until…

Two weeks later, he showed up again without any appointment. I was like, ‘who are you to show up without an appointment?’  I just said ‘hello’ and I told him that I couldn’t join him to lunch – super busy me!  Before I fled from the scene, he handed me a long brown envelope, inside were 2 boxes of special dark chocolates.  I felt that my cheeks betrayed me, and a quick turn-around was needed.  I looked at him and smiled.  ‘So you want to surprise me?’  =)


Early this year, I developed a fondness for music by Everything But The Girl (EBTG).  ‘I Didn’t Know I Was Looking for Love’ became my instant favorite, coupled by a music video for Lancome, which was filmed at the Louvre.  I discovered the video at YouTube; it was that time when I was scheduled to visit the Louvre in Paris.  I didn’t know I was heading for the same – Love.  No appointment required.  =)