‘Positive Activism’ – Trying to Keep It Really Positive

Photo grabbed from: cleverjustice.com

“Fiat justita ruat caelum” – a legal phrase which means, “Let justice be done, though the heavens fall.”

Today, I’m fed up by three of the more sensational heinous crimes in the broadsheet and television.  There are accounts by people who are utterly capable of evil deeds – a seemingly innocent young lady who allegedly masterminded the murder of her best friend, and young adults high on drugs – no plans for their future, decided to curtail other people’s future. As I was reading a witness’ tale of the murder, it made me shiver.  It was so inhumane, deliberately inhumane!  Why are we becoming so inhumanely selfish?  There is just too much suffering that some people totally forget about living, giving, and everything good and innately human. 

I never wish to violate human rights, but at the legislative level, the crime rate today is enough warrant to revisit death penalty as capital punishment for heinous crimes in this country.  “Eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” – not as a legal fancy but for the welfare of the majority.  So many innocent lives we are entrusted to nurture and protect. 

As a citizen, I don’t feel secure anymore whenever I roam around the Metro, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to pack my bags now and leave for Amsterdam.  I’m in for a good fight.  I don’t know if I could ever reach the stage of ‘in aid of legislation’, or go back to the ‘pen is mightier than the sword’ kind of deal.  I don’t have that same level of energy to take the cause out in the streets like the way I did back in college. 

I’m taking the ‘preventive side’ of things and make it a commitment.  I’m referring to any forms of positive activism which I will be able to sustain.  One takes the form of guiding young children – those within my reach; my future babies, included.  Social Studies 101 in the old school curriculum emphasized family as a building block of the society, as cell is to the human body.  I don’t want to be contributing to the statistics of children and young adults misguided by porn, violence, and evil drugs (so help me God).  Another form of activism, though it really is tough to choose the best candidates nowadays, I’m accepting the challenge to be more conscientious in examining candidates for public office.  Operative word: more.  The form which I’m into right at this moment: blogging. 

This article is more of saying: ‘I rant. Now, I stop.  I hereby pen my commitment with the most sincere intention of keeping it.’

How about you?  Are you joining the fight?