Love: Do you have an appointment with me?

We’ve only got 30-something days left in 2012.  So what happened this year?  Work is stable though not very exciting (operative word: very).  I’m not able to beat my personal record in running.  I didn’t join any badminton tournaments.  The stern warnings from the doctors got the better of me so I’m not the recreational athlete I used to be…but in the brighter side, I traveled a great deal!  The very thing which I tried to run away from was able to catch up with me big time – it’s that thing called (drum rolls) ‘true love’ (yikes!).

All the while I thought, I couldn’t sustain a serious, long-term relationship. So I just stopped trying and looked forward to happier days, basking with the virtual label ‘single, happy, (and you bet – sexy and I know it!).’  There were days wherein I was too busy to spend time meeting new people. To me, it’s a waste of time to be constantly seeing someone whom I couldn’t have an engaging and honest conversation with.  I’d rather play badminton or train for a marathon.

This year, I made some quick plans which involved a lot of traveling.  I went to my longest drive ever up north (Ilocos Region), a long haul flight (to Europe) for the love of arts and wine, and frequent local travels for work.  I wasn’t thinking about love life.  I was planning to get an ITIL certificate, not a marriage certificate.  If Cupid does exist, I think he knows better.

I was Cupid’s unsuspecting target for a while.  I was in a Friday morning meeting when I received an invitation from BFD – lunch?  I almost missed his message.  I managed to send a reply in an hour.  ‘Did you send me an invite on purpose or is it for someone else?,’  I asked him only because I wanted to be sure.  I’m not into military interrogation.

He said that the invite was really for me, and this prompted me to check my calendar for a ‘lunch appointment’.  None came up.

So I threw a follow-up question, ‘Do you have an appointment with me?’ In my head, may usapan ba kami?

He said he was just trying his luck.  Since I didn’t have any appointment for lunch, I went out to meet him in one of my favorite restaurants. We talked about running, work, blogging, and stock trading.  It was all business, nothing personal.  A bit past 1PM, I was in a hurry to leave for another meeting back in the office.  As I shook his hand in a business-like manner, I graciously thanked him for the hearty meal and good conversation.  I thought that was our first and last one-on-one meeting until…

Two weeks later, he showed up again without any appointment. I was like, ‘who are you to show up without an appointment?’  I just said ‘hello’ and I told him that I couldn’t join him to lunch – super busy me!  Before I fled from the scene, he handed me a long brown envelope, inside were 2 boxes of special dark chocolates.  I felt that my cheeks betrayed me, and a quick turn-around was needed.  I looked at him and smiled.  ‘So you want to surprise me?’  =)


Early this year, I developed a fondness for music by Everything But The Girl (EBTG).  ‘I Didn’t Know I Was Looking for Love’ became my instant favorite, coupled by a music video for Lancome, which was filmed at the Louvre.  I discovered the video at YouTube; it was that time when I was scheduled to visit the Louvre in Paris.  I didn’t know I was heading for the same – Love.  No appointment required.  =)


A Very Special Love Letter

I admire people who are prayerful, and in that same level, are living up to the Christian way of life.  I wish I could do the same.

A nun, who used to play the guitar for our choir group told me that singing a prayer is like praying 10x.  It takes some amount of emotions to sing, and I think that makes singing and praying more special.

In my case, grief and special petitions warrant a different kind of prayer – I write down my prayers.  Most of the letters, I keep; quite a few, I would seal in an envelope to be read exclusively by the Pink Sisters, and spiritually or figuratively – the thoughts in those letters, I offered to Him.  Yes, the Dragon Lady (that would be me, or if you want to call me a sinner, so be it) also need the support of a community known as the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters. Their church and convent in Tagaytay City has been one of my sacred sanctuaries over the years.  Secret out!  If you’re curious, then why not pay them a visit?  It’s worth a try.  =)

Adoration Convent of Divine Mercy
‘Pink Sisters’, Tagaytay City, Philippines
Photo by: BFD

Last month, BFD and I visited the Adoration Convent/Chapel .  The gratefulness I felt compelled me to write a letter to the Lord, through the Pink Sisters.  In the not-so-distant past, I thought I was heading for a life of single blessedness (which I gladly accepted, to the point that I was living that life already), but the Lord sent me another blessing that changed most of my thoughts about how I intend to live my life.  About two weeks after that visit, I received a beautiful letter which talks about love and prayers from Sister Mary Scholastica of the Pink Sisters.  The thoughts are too beautiful that I’m moved to share it here, and I hope this letter reaches out to those who might need it most.


Getting there:  Here’s a map – grabbed from

For commuters: There are buses, jeepneys from Manila and Batangas plying Aguinaldo Highway – a major highway in Cavite.
The chapel is a well-known landmark in Tagaytay City. When in doubt, ask around for directions from the locals (‘Pink Sisters’).