Life is an addiction

Welcome to my blog! =)
‘Meowth moments’ pertain to important discoveries about life and its nuances – whether happy or sad, ranging from critical to mundane encounters, which are regimented to teach us a lesson or two. These are the moments that make life more profound, engaging, amusing, interesting, and of course, in my world, addicting!
Life is something I can’t have enough of. I do wish that I have 48 hours in some days to celebrate or rationalize my so-called ‘meowth moments’. There’s no contest with everyone having 24 hours in a day. This universal truth prompts me to channel the beauty and some amount of frustrations through things which I am passionate about – with running and badminton posted in my blogger info, but there is a lot more, actually. The vividness of the moments, I will attempt to capture in my writing to serve as one of the many streams for inspiration, or may be something that could make your heart smile over ordinary stuff.
Happy reading!
– Ann / Meowth –

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