Gains and Losses

Life is good. Gain.  Life is not fair.  Loss.  It’s a matter of perspective – sometimes easy; oftentimes, challenging.

For more positive chi to flow, I should be writing about, ‘life is a beach,’ or something as hip as ‘politics/stock market/traffic – it’s more fun in this country.’  Today I’m more keen about bursting some bubbles, so it really is tempting for me to write about, ‘life is a bitch’ or ‘haters get a life’, instead…oh, but I do have some positive comments about the stock market!  Talk about balance between good and evil.

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I’m about to spend the next couple of minutes writing about musings on personal/family relationships, mundane stuff like weight gain, somewhat-annoying political thoughts – things which I need to bounce off the wall called blog (and it’s right here!).  I haven’t been so keen about keeping this kind of ‘stress’ list, but I should be able to jot it down so that the counting of sheep – something I do before bedtime when sleep becomes elusive, is kept in its state of effortless peace.

On a more personal note…

1.  Gain : Strong and promising lifelong friendship with five people.  High five for honesty and open communication.

Loss : falling out with two people whom I used to look up to.  Hypocrisy and lies are never good elements of a healthy relationship.  Over it!

2.  Gain : Weight.  Uh-oh! The worst in 6 months, following a hospital confinement…the positive side – I can start training for my third full marathon after almost 6 months of rehab.  I’m at it!  Weight loss is underway.  Hopefully.

Loss :  I need to defer plans for a 50km ultra marathon, shoulda-woulda-coulda first half of 2012.

3.  Gain :  We successfully fought a terminal illness in the family, as a family.  My aunt made a big come back with a stronger testimony for her Christian mission.

Loss :  Sleepless nights, wondering how the treatment was progressing – a scenario in the family wherein everyone was face-to-face with the big, bad ‘C’…but faith is much, much greater than any illness.


I also think about this country.  To me, this is home.  I’m sooo here that it is warranted, I be called ‘a dumb citizen’, should I fail to notice news or issues at the level of national consciousness.

4.  Gain :  Philippine stock market index!!!  It’s a concrete measurement of the sentiments of investors towards the Philippine Economy.  The market has been enjoying growth, rising from a 3K+ last year, breaking the 5K barrier,  and now maintaining its position at the 5K+ index for months…and the outlook remains bullish.  Stay invested!

In 2011, financial institutions like BPI and BDO went all-out with their campaigns to draw people to avail of managed funds.  These funds cater to several investor risk profiles :  conservative – moderately aggressive – aggressive.  It sure is a new way to earn passive income while leveraging on the growth our stock market.

5.  Gain :  Confidence on the President, most recent rating,+ 67%.

Though, I’m not particular about the label ‘yellow army’,  but a positive trust rating of 67% earned by the President fuels a certain feel-good attitude towards the government, and relevant sectors are motivated to pump-prime the economy.   I’m neutral when it comes to political parties, I support whoever is duly elected and proclaimed President.

Loss :  (Untimely) demise of a great public servant – Sec. Jess Robredo.

Loss : Political divide; many haters still – those people trying to bring down the Administration to its knees, but hey, if you happen to be one of them, I hold no personal grudge against you, but I wish that we be aligned in this thought :  words, including those translated into propaganda are meaningless, until we match it with collective actions to push for reforms.  Talk is cheap.

Loss :  (Figuratively) headless, selfish people from all sectors of the society who are deliberately trashing the environment.

Loss :  Unresolved territorial dispute among China and other ASEAN States over the perceived oil-rich Spratly Group of Islands in the West Philippine Sea.  I wonder what the UN is doing in order to effectively implement the provisions of the UN Convention on the Laws of the Sea (UNCLOS).

———   List ends here. For now.  =)  ———-


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