Now I’m Writing About Love…

In night’s deep silence

I uttered a prayer of pure intentions

He spoke to me again of love

In a voice so clear to my conscience

Demise was an imagination

Love is not a promise lost.


I woke up the next morning

I humbly thanked Him

For bringing me to the present

It was the beginning of a new journey 

Guided by both heart and mind

I picked up the pace.


Spirits so calm

Minds of strong resolve

Hearts full of joy

Giving and accepting

True love and friendship

Forever to cherish and keep.


Not just about a bunch of brain chemicals… =)


Who says I can’t write about love?  Now, at least, I’m trying…and I never thought that I could write or talk about love in my 30s, the way I did when I was 16.  =)


“The greater the level of calmness of our mind, the greater our peace of mind, the greater our ability to enjoy a happy and joyful life.”  – Dalai Lama



8 comments on “Now I’m Writing About Love…

  1. greeNeyes says:

    nice one Ms Ann

  2. Marlene Tan says:

    You must really be in love to write such a nice poem!!!! Atta girl!!! Don’t miss the trip ride on!!!!

  3. and if anyone would say that being ’16’ is foolishness then i won’t mind being branded one as long as I have you =)

  4. I’m super kilig with you both! We can’t wait to meet you Ann! 🙂

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