The World is My Oyster

Based on my Facebook post, Wanderlust, 29 March 2012.

It was in 2006 when I experienced total clinical burnout which started from chronic fatigue syndrome. Talk about life before wellness. I dedicated a huge chunk of my energy and time living in the fast lane – it wasn’t as fulfilling as it is today.

Since that disturbing clinical diagnosis, I’ve been living a happy life within the most responsible terms I could muster. I entered a fitness program, then I tried sports – I found out how much I enjoy running, badminton, and practically anything that could stimulate the adrenaline big time. I started to travel, not for work, but for wanderlust. Traveling is, indeed, liberating.

I travel to unwind, get fresh perspective, and educate myself: the food, sight, culture, people and their dialect. I made all sort of travels, either solo or with my favorite people.

1. Road trips with Charlaine, Lowell, and BFD

2. Solo trips, here and abroad

3. Vacation with family and friends

4. Out-of-town / out-of-the-country — all for the love of running and carbo-loading (runner eh!)

5. Traveling, and still not coming to terms with true love (yahoo!!!)

6. Nature trips, theme park escapades, cultural immersion (plus, good food and wine)

7. Shopping trips (retail therapy!)

8. For the arts (D’Orsay, Louvre, Versailles, Van Gogh…and Louis Vuitton?, etc.)

9. Adventure trips, including water sports – parasailing, helmet diving, hiking, snorkelling, rappelling, white river rafting, zip line, canopy bridge walk, and wakeboarding.

10. Quiet weekend / a li’l soul-searching (to accept or not to accept…nininu ninu)

More trips to enjoy and learn from, more adventures to conquer…the world is my oyster! =D

How high can you fly?
Parasailing with Charlaine

How deep can you dive?
Helmet diving with friends =)

When you feel like pushing your adrenaline level…
White river rafting with friends, Cagayan de Oro

How far can you run?
Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore

When no weather is too cold to go out and play…
Snow ball fight at Mt. Charleston

How far can you drive?
Bangui Windmill Farm – about 560km from Manila

When you feel that you’re never too old to enjoy Disneyland…
Fun time with my family =)

When you open yourself up to the city, and it begins to educate you…

What else do you want to learn?
Wine class at O Chateau Paris

Traveling…there’s just no stopping. =)


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