Think, Listen, Chill

Think…random thoughts. 

My mind was adrift. I needed more caffeine or alcohol.  I turned to my laptop. I wanted to write.

I can write about yesterday.  I knew yesterday.  I’m never returning.  I’m staying in the present

It’s twice as wonderful to be living in the present, embracing reality for what it really is.  I’m loving the present.  Can you read my future?

As for the future, I don’t want know what it holds…it’s enough for me to know Who holds it.  It’s a good thing. I raise a glass.

A half-filled or half empty glass? It’s always filled with liquid (er, wine?) that takes the shape of the glass which holds it. I hold the glass quite firmly, never wanting to break it into fragments.

I used to hold fragments. Now put together, the fragments became part of a whole.  I prefer whole numbers over fraction. Fraction makes for a complex math which could steal some good night-worth of sleep.

Sleep is a commodity, though lately, it’s becoming quite elusive.  I count sheep in my head – one after another.  Every sheep jumps over the fence to be counted…even bah-bah black sheep gets to jump over the fence. 

I don’t want to jump to conclusion, is a sweet gesture considered as an important piece in a puzzle?  I’m not trying to be cheesy. I just wanna ask the universe. 

my tired, but happy feet + my favorite pair of socks

Oh, and please don’t ask me what this lovestruck music is all about.  Smile and listen.

For now, let’s chill.  =)



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