When music becomes (more) personal…

Part of my room – converted to a music nook
In this photo: Mateo, my Takamine acoustic guitar…and a shot of Martini  =)

I’m not trying to make sense of all the melodies, but what I know of it is that –  collectively, it soothes my soul.

If only I could make every string speak…well, somehow it does, though it is not as sophisticated as the strums of a virtuoso…the strings of my guitar speak of raw emotions – my emotions.  It’s personal and almost transcendental.   

I’d like to think that my Takamine and I have this special connection.  When I hold it in solitude, music fills my room…I’m holding something I love.  Thus, it makes music more personal – music is so out there, but for a moment, it belongs only to me.  Probably, this is the reason why I’m not keen about playing the guitar and singing in front of an audience, unless we’re talking about my favorite bunch. 

Strum 1 – 2 – 3
Simplified chords of Glen Hansard’s ‘Falling Slowly’

 Here’s a link to a Youtube video of one of my favorite guitar pieces.  Considered as a ‘modern-day’ classic, here’s to share – Glen Hansard’s Oscar-winning piece, ‘Falling Slowly’, 2007 Best Original Song from the movie Once.



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