Just Drive : My Version of ‘Gran Turismo’

Warning:  Driving, speeding, and motor racing are potentially hazardous activities.  Those who wish to engage in these activities must observe safety measures at all times.  This post does not intend to glamorize over/speeding.  This has been posted as an attempt to describe my thoughts about driving and speeding.

Miguel and I – daily adrenaline fix
Miguel : Honda City 1.5 VTEC M/T


“How fast can you drive, Ann?” 

If only cars could talk, my car would be asking me this kind of question. 

Speed.  I need it. I’m loving it for the adrenaline it gives.  I get some level of sedation from it.  I get high, naturally.  Speed calms me.  It clears my head, while I get the opportunity to exercise my ability to focus – a discipline which commands a premium in my line of work.  I drive fast whenever I could, and when the road would allow. 

Please let me insert another disclaimer here:  driving fast and violating traffic rules are two different things.  =)

I drive to work 5 days a week via expressway, that one which does not have a speed limit.  I get my adrenaline fix almost every morning, just before I engage my mind with anything work-related.  Adrenaline is like a very potent drug, derived from this concoction:  fast car + fast lane + really good music (preferably rock or alternative) + (recently) fuel with nitro.  Give it over a 100 kph, and the adrenaline level is as good as ‘high’. 

Occasionally, I would drive a long course up north to Baguio City.  This year, I made it as far as Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte.  This is what we call – road trip!!!  The scenic drive to the country side and pristine coastline make up for a lovelier experience, double up the fun with the company of well-meaning friends. Long drive is therapeutic for me and for my favorite road trip buddies, as well.  We’ve been going on road trips at least once a year since 2006. I also received invitations to road trips in the South (Leyte and Davao); and in CA/NE in the US, where holders of Philippine-issued driver’s license are permitted to drive over a certain period.

When there’s too much craving for adrenaline – this is when things are better taken care of inside a legitimate race circuit for a safer run – car or kart.  =)

Sofia and I – Bangui Windmills – March 2012
Sofia: Toyota Altis 1.6 M/T

Early morning drive along SCTEX

Sofia and I – hillside and coastline drive – Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Patapat Viaduct
Manila – Ilocos Norte – Manila
Sofia – Toyota Altis 1.6 M/T : about two full tanks of gasoline

on my way home…

Karting after office – Feb 2012
Boomtown, Roxas Blvd.

CRV – Davao
Driving : also fun in Davao

Photo-stopover with Lowell in La Union

Thrill seekers : More fog…in Baguio City!

Roadtrip with Mama Charles
Manila – Manaoag – Camp John Hay – Manila in ONE DAY!

Leyte – Samar via San Juanico Bridge

San Diego – Los Angeles – Las Vegas
Dec 2007 – Off to Vegas to defend my ‘bantam weight title’

Freeway : Nevada back to California, Dec 2007

Tagaytay Highlands – Main Road

George : my first car, the only modified car I had
I sold him in 2006. It was heart-breaking; I never wanted any car modification project, thereafter.

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