Emo = The Fray + Geek-like Math

“Emo (i-mow),  is a style of rock music characterized by melodic musicianship and expressive, often confessional lyrics…Emo has been associated with stereotype that includes being particularly emotional, sensitive, shy, introverted, or angst-ridden.” – Wikipedia

I haven’t made any deliberate decision to totally immerse myself in the fascinating world of the emo subculture. Tonight, emo music hits me as if it’s some sort of drug; effect is strong, but temporary.  I’m particularly feeling some backlash from a set of songs I’ve been listening to in the last 3 hours.  The songs are beautiful, melodic…to the point that they are well interpreted through music videos…perfect, heartbreaking, beautiful.   Every song speaks to the heart, a message effective enough to make you wish that you’re in love at some point.  When the song ends, the bubbles burst.  You’re left with your mind telling you that you’re not exactly in love.  Emo!

The mood is so not making me fall sleep that I decided to write something mundane, but re-affirming of one’s dilemma when confronted by love versus reality.

What would you do if love and reality exist in two separate planes, running in parallel?  The planes are presented in a more linear form called lines.  Parallel lines never meet.  Maturity teaches you that love is never enough, but the coldness of the world makes you realize that reality is empty without love.  Would you choose love and forget about the world – that world grounded by reality?  Would you rather choose reality, continue running the course and hope that another love comes – that love which would co-exist with your perceived reality?  Is this the reason why there are parallel lines in Math (Geometry) – as it correlates to the reality that there are people who are not intended to be together at all? Never, forever. 

(Math/Geometry) : Lines that will never intersect.

Still cerebral here.  That’s about it! =)

Here’s to share one of The Fray’s most heartfelt songs – Never Say Never. 

(Music video, as posted @ The Fray Vevo channel, http://www.youtube.com)


2 comments on “Emo = The Fray + Geek-like Math

  1. i fainted when i saw the word ‘math’ 😉

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