Music School – Chapter 1 – Natupad din ang isa sa mga pangarap ko =)

I chose music school over law school.  It’s a statement that instantly puts a big smile on my face, my heart, gut and liver.  I made the right decision. I couldn’t be happier.

I had it back when I was a kid – MUSIC…but I never pursued it as a talent.  I did not bother to nurture it as a gift, not until four months ago when I first entered music school as a student who was trying to learn the rudiments of a classic guitar.   

I’m grateful to have JAPE as my mentor.  He introduced me to the more profound side of music – alternative music and its soul.  He is a diligent young artist who is dedicated to his craft, and the things he taught me will stay with me forever. He is also passionate about teaching.  Hindi ko din akalain that I could play songs na sa tingin ko mahirap for a beginner – Jape simplified the chords of my favorite songs so that I would be able to play and sing to my heart’s content.  I remembered thanking God that very first day in school for the abundance of gift in this planet – musicians, artists and their craftsmanship.  They’re all geniuses.

Music school is all about happy moments. It’s not only about playing the guitar, but more importantly, it’s how music touches my soul – being able to communicate the things I’d rather not say.  It’s about aspirations and emotions.  It is art, and I’m in love with it.   MUSIC touched my life – it provided an interesting dimension to my profession, which has always been governed by parameters and numbers. 

Today, I have completed Level 0 – Beginner.  In January 2012, I’ll be back in school for Level 1. 

I will always remember that scene when I was just about to enroll…

            Admin:  Ano age po ng mag-eenrol?

            Me:  Ako yung enrollee…

            Admin: (napatingin sa akin ng matagal)

            Me:  Sa tingin mo ba matututo pa ko?

           Admin: (tumingin ulit sa akin ng matagal) Siguro naman, ma’am. One-on-one ang  method of teaching namin dito…(sabay abot ng enrolment form)…

           At masaya ako lumabas ng school ng araw na yon…As in nakangiti ako. Wala akong  pakialam kung mukha akong timang…Isa ‘to sa gusto ko talaga gawin, and this time, I don’t have to worry about making my family disappointed.

Meet MATEO - my electro-acoustic guitar

Practice 1 - 2 - 3


2 comments on “Music School – Chapter 1 – Natupad din ang isa sa mga pangarap ko =)

  1. Liza P. padilla says:

    Hi I’m Liza and I want to ask, how much cost you for a guitar lesson? I want to also to enroll my daughter this summer, she is very interested in guitar…

    • Ann S. says:

      Hi Ms. Liza,

      Their rates are reasonable. Back in 2011/2012, I paid about 5K for 12 sessions. I can’t remember the exact amount. You may inquire with Ms. Julie of Lea de Castro School of Music – Binakayan, Kawit, Cavite. The number to call is 434 5555, just add a 046 prefix if you’re calling outside Cavite.

      I hope you find this helpful.

      Thanks and regards.


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