Zone out?

I don’t know who stole my magic.  I don’t write to complain, but rather confess – I am so uninspired.  I’m not keeping up with the marathon training.  Period. 

I don’t want to blame it on my new assignment at work.  I’m not blaming that feeling of longer-than-expected recovery from my first full marathon back in September.  Who am I to blame the weather? Not the weather. 

I don’t know.  I don’t have any valid excuses. 

When I was training for my first full marathon, I would run 3x a week and play badminton 3x a week.  I was to run not only for myself, but for a sponsored charity.  Now, badminton’s is so-not in the calendar, and I’m not running 4x a week, as planned.  Haysss…

I went for my tried-and-tested forms of therapy – music, spa, meditation, visual art, shopping, hanging out with friends…

All I could think of is…vacation in a far away place…away from it all! I know that I won’t be able to do so until February 2012.  Just my luck.    

With only 33 days left before the Singapore Marathon, I should be in the zone again by now. 


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