My full marathon checklist: hindi talaga ako excited!!! =)

Game na sa Sept 25.  Pre-marathon checklist:

 1.  Months of training – done

  2. Running shoes – check

  3. Race day outfit – check

  4. Race kit – check

  5. Garmin – check

  6. Energy gel and Jelly Beans – check

  7. Storm-free weather – check

  8. Carbo-loading – check

  9. SPA – check

 10. Bayview – check

  11. Pacers (Ed and Jigs) – check

  12. ‘Ruckus’ – check 

  13.  My heart, brain, soul – all for it! – check  (42.195km is no joke)

  14.  Prayers – check

Wala naman makakapagsabi na excited ako.  =)



Running and Nostalgia

I was in my element as my feet were pounding the pavement going for KM 25.  Music and blessings occupied my mind, and my system was oblivious of sinusitis.  The next track was Beyonce’s – Best Thing I Never Had. 

The thought suddenly hit me – how it was a year ago, or may be over a year ago, back in the day when I was desperately trying to call the right shots from outcome of bad choices.

Nostalgia began to play some stark words, but the emotions became blurry. I was again thankful for the enlightenment that I can look back to see how awful the experience was, and still appreciate where it brought me.  I made some bad decisions, but I never lose sight of what rightfully belongs to me – respect.

Letting go and being at peace with it is more liberating. Somehow, I made wise decisions, too <– and I stand firm.  It’s never easy, but as a good friend puts it, “isa lang ang buhay bakit hindi pa ayusin.”  (Yes, Ruckus – that made me buy another precious arm candy as a ‘congratulatory’ gift for myself.)

Liberation brings me closer to that borderline-miraculous element – if I write now that the element is self-actualization, people who really know me will say it’s BS.  So, I’m sparing my friends P1.00 by preventing them from sending me text messages saying – “Ann writes crap”. No lame (love) story hereafter.  =)

Here’s the music video of that ‘atta-girl’ song by Beyonce.  Happy listening!