I love Mondays: when reverse psychology is never enough =(

Today is not my day.  I’m not riled up with stress attributed to workload but it is more of that feeling of being ‘inside the box’ – suffocating.  Or may be it’s my blunt reaction to cortisol (stress hormone)?

First, I woke up feeling tired…may be due to some imbalances in the muscle.  I was also hesitant to leave my pet dog – he has been acting weird since last night due to a minor tummy irritation.  He gave me a pity-the-puppy-look as I was leaving the house.  I called up my brother several times today, just to check on my puppy, and what the vet said.

Second, my role today in the office is limited to active listening – well, at least, it’s active listening all the way, almost no talking required.  Sometimes, active listening is the norm.  In fact, today, it is more of self-imposed, and it seems to work to the best interest of our team.  There was one who came in earlier asking for trouble – the-always-feeling-angry-gurhl, but I let it slide…and she walked away somewhat disappointed.  May be some people have not noticed it yet, but I’m shamelessly announcing here that I’m taking up another crash course in…(drum rolls…) – DIPLOMACY.  J

Third, it’s drizzling right now, which means, no one is willing to jog in the drizzles with me.  Walang papatol sa pag-aaddict ko sa takbo when it’s drizzling, more so, when it’s raining.  Gets ko na ‘yon.  Ayaw nyo dumami (Gremlins, eh?).

Fourth, ito matindi – I’m not inspired.  I’m supposed to finish a roadmap today, but the ‘creative juices’ are out.  Nada.  Zilch.  The technology is here, but putting things into proper perspective, for all its strategic intent – I don’t have the creativity for it today.  May be I’ll get it back tomorrow, if not for an inspiration, may be the pressure to cram can fix it for me.

Fifth, I’m thinking about a new training method for a full marathon – the Maffetone.   I’m challenged about balancing the carbs, protein, and fats for two weeks of carbo-sabbatical.  For someone like me who loves rice and pasta, kayang-kaya kaya?  =)  

For now, I deserve some love – a cup of Blue Bunny Ice Cream!  =) 


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