Running and rhapsody, music and madness

I can sing again! =)   The day has finally come when I can sing again! Follow rhapsody along the line of this somewhat-shameless blogging. For sometime, I refrained from singing. I felt that my voice won’t fit in any song from any genre…until recently.

Music has been helping me cope, if not survive horrendous traffic jams, plus some significant amount of stress from life’s daily conundrum. If there’s anyone who would miss my voice blending with music – it’s gotta be my ears, my car, the shower, and ‘mi-concerto-de-videoke’ (bonggang-bonggang) amigos en amigas con tequila en gambas. =)

I love singing. Though I never had a powerful voice that could reach multiple octaves, I sing from the heart.

Last night, I picked up the guitar with Verve Pipe playing in the background. I guess, it’s time to go back to music school. I’d love to strum those wonderful chords again. I’ve gained some more inspiration from a wider genre, ranging from the music of acoustic sensation Johnoy Danao, to the walk-down-the-aisle renditions by Hiraya Men’s Choir, to the depth-and-ebb that could only be metal magic by GNR/Metallica/Queen/JBJ. Life experiences are rich, and so is the music inspired by it.

I also did a revamp in my iPod on my running play list. I removed the heavy and trash metal stuff, at least, for now. I’ll be on training again for a full marathon starting September, and there’s a better set of songs waiting to accompany me in my next marathon training.

The-who-and-or-the-what, as in what gives? I need not analyze. It’s right here all along; mine for the taking. =)


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