SM Baddicts – Food Group – 3 years na tayo!!! =)

As we approach year 3 of playing together – as in regularly…to the extent that badminton has become an integral part of our lives, tonight I sit in my room in silence, thanking God for the beautiful friendship that we’ve shared in and outside the badminton court.

Remember 2008? 

We were all novice, but we were the underdogs who seemed to get a lot of support from the management…hehehehe….When we fought against the strongest opponents – BDO and Dept Store, we were without fear.  We played our best games.  We did not win the crown and only settled at 3rd, but we knew we had the potential.  We affirmed that we would emerge as champions in the next tourney.

SM Food Badminton Team - SM Sportsfest 2008

3rd Place - SM Food Badminton Team - SM Sportsfest 2008

First SM Baddicts Christmas Party - 2008

Who could ever forget 2009?  Perhaps, it was that point in time when redemption was our strongest motivation.  101% pure passion.

It was our team’s first corporate championship appearance.  No team wanted the crown soooo badly, but FRG. We went through tough training sessions and team practices with all the pressures compounded every session…and finally – the Championship…nobody pulled out.  All the cheers, the pain, the injuries, the lessons, and our friendship…at the end of that grueling 7-week badminton season, we were all smiling from our hearts for all the right reasons. 

Overall Champion - SM Food Badminton Team - SM Corporate Tourney 2009

Realizing the need for more trainings and tourney exposures, we began competing in tourneys outside SM.  Our regular Tues and Thurs games are just as fun as when we were starting three years ago.  We’ve grown in numbers, and we’ve all matured as badminton players, and we’ve engendered the most supportive team –  I am a true-blooded SM Baddict! 

Happy 3rd Anniversary, SM Baddicts!  =)

Go for gold!

TNP Tourney

SM Baddicts Christmas Party 2010

WEB BG Tourney - January 2011


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