Training tale and tail

I have been training for my first full marathon…and it’s no secret. It’s a way of putting a little pressure on my feet; conscious of the number of reasons for me to finally breakaway to my full 42.

I was a bit off-track in the last week of April due to a symptomatic right knee. Good thing it did not progress to bursitis, and in less two weeks I was back in the road again. The first week of May was all about celebration with family and friends. Yup, I just turned a year older…and hopefully, wiser. =)

birthday = slack time from training

There are two major trainings I’m into right now. I’m trying to balance it as not to comprise one over the other…and it’s a tough balancing act, if we are to factor in my career as a tax-paying citizen, social/sports life, family relations, and all other activities. First major training is for the full marathon. Second, training on becoming a Mommy to Brian, my three-month old Shih Tzu. With the help of my family and Arnie (my teeny-bopper niece), I’m training Brian to become a smart pet – socialization, dog training including toilet training and developing the right eating habits. I’m feeling a bit tired, but happier and more inspired. I have another reason to wake up early on weekdays, when I was so used to waking up (uber) early on Sundays only for the LSD (long slow distance) run.

Meet Brian - my black and white prince

I was also not used to bringing pets to bed. The last time I did it was in college when I still had a pet cat. Now, Brian sleeps in my room…so he gets a nice spray of ‘dry-dog-shampoo’ in between days when he is not supposed to take a bath. He chews Dentastix so he does not get bad breath. I use baby wipes on him to freshen him up right before he sleeps. He pees really early so I have to be up by 6AM…he wakes me up even before the alarm clock does. I have to consciously plan for my run-badminton activities for the week so I get to spend some quality time with him. The puppy loves to play, and he does not walk much, he runs most of the time. He is a hyper active puppy and I’m no longer surprised when sometimes he would snore. I can’t wait to train Brian for his first 3KM fun run. That’s gonna be more fun. =)

Brian: sleeping and snoring after a day of playing and running


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