Narrative by a not-so-drunken woman

Beautiful Friday night and my eyes were smiling as I skimmed the liquor list of Astoria.  I was giddy as a teenager, so excited to order her first shot.  Oh, how I wish I was in Vicar St., Dublin, Ireland(think, the Script).  Instead, I was in a place somewhere between the heavens and the deep blue sea…in a paradise known to many as Boracay.

A friend once told me about Boracay as the best place to get drunk.  I could not wait to get into the plane, off to the island to get myself a good alcohol fix.  No need to drive home for the one of the hippest bars at Station 1 is located at Astoria’s beach front (yes!!!). I was not into booze for ages, and may be I need a few shots and some cover songs to finally seal another chapter in my breakup diary.  I was a-okay, but living healthy and somewhat sane also requires ample justification before splurging on Tequila and Vodka.

Mental notes:

  1.  Just like a lovely, drunken heroine in a romantic comedy movie (ehem, blog ko ‘to okay), I tried to dig for some deep-seated emotions that made me purposely break my heart a little, or may be cracked it a little bit.  It was weird to go through a heart-breaking experience without having to cry…not yabang though, it is just weird for I used to be a cry baby.  Back in Manila, I tried making myself cry while driving (for months!), it did not work…I tried to cry myself to sleep, but the floods of dopamine won’t let me…until the  healing process was completed.  I tried to cry in solitude, concealed by the sacred walls of my sanctuary.  It did not work, too.  Weird ba ko or tough?
  2. I was trying to internalize the drama in the music video “Nothing” by the Script – the drinking version.  There’s no way I can match the drama in that video…I so love the song + video pa naman.  Screw all the tears!  It won’t come out whatever I do.  Again…weird ba ko or matigas na ko ngayon or maturity na tawag dito?
  3. I was on Tequila glass #5, and I can still think clearly.  I was waiting for my hands to get a little numb, but it was not happening…so I drank some more.  Love it!  =)  Ian scored some funky, groovy music, and people started to rock the dance floor…and I was one with the beautiful crowd.  There was no reckless abandon that happened.  For one, I had my good friend Charlaine to watch over me…and besides, I tried to drink as many, but the alcohol can’t get the better of me.  Ganito na ba ko naging ‘addict sa life’ pati alcohol hindi na tumama?  Hindi na nga ako iyakin, hindi pa din ako malasing…growing up ba ang tawag dito, or weird lang talaga ako, o baka sobrang dense?
  4. I met some interesting people, too.  The golden ‘girls’ of Norway sure know how to party. Sabi nga naming ni Charlaine, we could see our future selves right in front of us.  I stopped asking myself why I was not crying or moved to tears…nag-enjoy na lang ako…hehehe…life is short.  =)  It was good to feel some effects of the alcohol and at the same time, I was still in control of myself – all clean fun…perfect concoction – people, music, ambiance, and the ever hot-hot Tequila.

astoria at night. i fell in love with the place.

Morning after, hotel phone was ringing and it was a call from a guy I met at the bar.  Sadly, he is not Irish…sobrang malayo kay Danny O’Donoghue of  The Script. I even recited the caller’s   and his friends’ names and their ‘pamatay’ na lines in sequence, just to prove that I was not drunk the night before.  O kita mo na, pare, sabi sa’yo at 2AM, hindi pa din ako lasing. Suko ata sila, at 2AM bumabangka pa kami ni Charlaine sa kwento.

I intended to drink again that Saturday night…but while the Saturday morning sun was up, Charlaine and I joined the bee-line to what would be an adventure in paradise – Parasailing!  =)

Now, here’s the video of the song, which I can’t seem to get enough of.  


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