When running is bliss

 SS told me, “Watch your feet.  You never know where they’ll take you.” 

 I am forever grateful for that thought.  Whether it is between my feet and the pavement, or all-weather-all-terrain, it is never too soon to stop running.

 And when you think you can run fast?  Kinda’ get hold of the thought until you run in the mountains.  =)

 I paced quite moderately until I tried to ‘feel’ the hills of Baguio.   It was in Baguio where my lungs were beaten.  What used to be an efficient pair of lungs almost ran out of air even before my feet reached the 300meter mark.  It can only be the effect of high altitude and thin air.

 At 300 meters, I was watching my feet and listening to my body, trying not to make it obvious that I was literally gasping for air…Back at 200 meters, I was female runner #2…and at 300meters, now you decide, Ann do you want to make this harder, or let it slide, cut yourself some slack and enjoy the race?  I chose the latter.  I let go.  I stopped watching my feet.  I stopped glancing at my watch.  I started to enjoy the view and the climate – it was so serene.  I was not counting strides.  I was counting blessings, instead.  I’m a recreational runner.  I’m keeping it at that.  Halfway to the finish line, it was all downhill…I was even happier, only if I could roll down the hills injury-free just like they do in cartoons; I would have done just the same in a heartbeat.  

 The technical side of the race did not really matter to me as I was too happy in the ‘meowth zone’ over a few ‘very-first-times’ that could only happen in Baguio Feel the Hill run challenge (10 April 2011). 

            My first:       

  1. Out-of-town run with the SM Runners (with beautiful families and fabulous friends in tow)
  2. Uphill training for my (first) full marathon – Couldn’t have it any other way…
  3. To run in one of my favorite cities –Baguio!  With matching photo shoot with the locals
  4. Podium finish – Rank # 4 – 5KM Female Div – I did not expect that the organizers would award Rank 1 – 10.  
  5. Stay at the SM Vacation Homes – log cabin galore – love, love, love!
  6. Race Director Mr. Philip Pacle – was first to congratulate me at the finish line.

 Good thing that most of us (SM Runners) signed up for 5KM, considering that it was our first uphill run.  It may be relatively shorter in terms of distance, but it was the toughest course I’ve ever negotiated so far…and I enjoyed every second of it.  I think I’m going back for more!  =)

 Next road + trail run:  Mizuno at Tagaytay Highlands (15KM) with my favorite pack, the SM Runners.   =)


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