The road to my first full marathon: Starting over again =)

I used to have an on-and-off love affair with running.  I started running as a form of recreation back in 2009.  I was  full of energy that I was the one who would convene the running enthusiasts in the head office, soliciting support from top management, and would later refer to the group as the – SM Runners.

In 2010, my passion for running and badminton had to take the back seat in favor of a venture, which spelled of failure from its very inception.  While I was at it, I was becoming a different person that  no one else would have recognized if nothing was done to break the bad spell.  I have remained tough on the surface – this is my trademark…but I was hurting deeply to the core.  I think it was not pain, but anguish would be a more appropriate term for it.

Maturity has its way of strengthening one’s resolve…and sometimes it is best to just break away for sanity’s sake – no use in winning a battle if it would entail emerging as a loser in the war…In January 2011, I was back on my feet again – literally and figuratively. Since day 1, I was pacing myself quite well than I ever did in the past.  I was alone, running, but I never felt I was running all by myself. I could not help but to count my blessings. I reached the ‘meowth’ zone after what felt like forever.  I knew I was at peace with myself again. It was all good and empowering.

I am always surrounded by well-meaning people – family, friends, and colleagues…but the road to recovery is about finding and rebuilding one’s self again – you have to administer your own rescue (think Eat, Pray, Love).  I thought Prada and LV can help me administer a fabulous rescue…but it was running that did it for me…

One important lesson that running ingrained on me happens to be one of life’s greater metaphors – when you run, you keep moving forward, onward…conventionally, no one would dare to run backwards in a race…same thing when pacing along life’s crazy race route, the best choice is to always move forward no matter what…even when you’re hurting, you just walk until you can run again.

I wake up early on Sundays.  So excited to run.  It’s one of His venue for making me slow down (while I pace, physically) in order to realize some important things about life, even those borne out of simple encounters.

I want to share the positivity, which can be drawn from running. I’m now assisting fellow runners as the coordinator of the SM Runners.  I’m honored to be given that warm welcome by the core group – as one member said, ‘the original PAAdikANN is back!’

Zhe shi haoshi huilai!  This is for the long run!  =)


starting over again with my fave brand of running shoes


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